About the Founder Othon E. Nunez - "Ted"

While he was in college at Norther Illinois University he started as a driver for Moon Jump, Inc. driving back and forth between Dekalb and Lisle to maintain a job and classes. He rose through the ranks and became assistant manager, vice president, and eventually CEO and Owner. Throughout his Tenure as CEO of Moon Jump, Inc he founded additional companies and increased revenue by 250% from 2012-2019.

Ted Nunez was CEO of Moon Jump, Inc for 10 years from 2010 to 2019. He also founded the following:

  • American Vinyl Consultants, Inc. (2018-Present)
    • Provides vinyl repair on inflatables and other heavy-duty items
  • Small Biz Consultants, Inc. (2018-Present)
    • Provides Consulting services for small business owners
  • OEN Services, Inc. (2012-2013)
    • Provided snow removal services
  • Chicago Professional Installers Inc. (2014-2019)
    • Provided installations of ice rinks, playsets, office equipment, furniture, and workout equipment

While serving as CEO of Moon Jump, Inc. and the other corporations his major achievements and experiences at Moon Jump Inc. were as follows:

Strategic planning

  • Integrated multiple SAS to create a collaborative business plan online for teams to communicate, share data, and use metrics for decision making.
  • Spearheaded business plans on an annual basis related to specific departments.
  • Annual Marketing Plan with budget of 50k and parameters ranging from ethics to SEO.
  • Added partners with similar goals to help achieve greatness

Data Analysis

  • Utilized google analytics for decisions on demographic targeting for multiple platforms such as Facebook and google ads with a budget of 70k per year. Strategized with marketing specialists to create optimal ROI.
  • Directed the use of CRM metrics for sales strategy, goal setting, asset purchases, decision making, and forecasting.


  • Using Quip, created a collaborative process to follow and determine budget, platforms, strategy, leadership, goals, via multiple pipelines for Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Strategy, Operations, and Recruiting.
  • Transitioned company from a paper only operation to a completely digital workplace.
  • Initiated CRM rental software as a tool to enable officers, managers, and associates to work remotely and keep costs to a minimum.

Financial oversight

  • Auditing of accounting functions such as profit loss and balance sheets in order to make financial decisions regarding cost cutting and strategy.
  • Responsible for budget of nearly $1M in avg annual Gross Revenue.
  • Streamlined financial operations from dual entry paper accounting to system of every transaction electronically and instantly accounted for in QuickBooks.
  • Obtained financing through a number of resources from private equity firms to the SBA.
  • Cost reduction and containment
  • Cut projects with negative ROI removing $50-$100k annually.
  • Coached and led management in decision making to decrease liabilities.
  • Analyzed metrics in Google AdWords at $400/Day to ensure maximum profitability during keyword bidding process.

Operations Management

  • 10 Years of experience collaborating between teams, coaching 5-50 associates, advising management, course correcting, leadership changes, changes in process and procedure, inventory metric measurements, and creating the ability for rapid fire communication among leadership.
  • Developed and implemented processes for recruiting, onboarding, accounting, SEO, and SMM, business development, and strategy; to increase revenue 10-20% annually.
  • Initiated systematic procedures to ensure that challenging clients and associates were dealt with in a calm and professional manner which nearly always ended in a beneficial relationship for the client, associate, and the company.


  • Created the procedures and policies to streamline and optimize up to 30 delivery specialists at a time
  • Provided leadership and training for team leaders and operations managers behind the scenes.
  • Implemented the logistics behind the operation of delivering party supplies to hundreds of clients in a single day and thousands of clients per month.

Software Experience

  • Microsoft Word, Outlook, Windows, Excel, Quip, QuickBooks, Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business, Google Ads, CRMs such as Inflatable Office, Mhelpdesk, Housecallpro, Paypal, and banking websites.

Business Planning and preparation

  • Created multiple business plans from full scale business operations to individual department goals such as marketing and operations
  • Policy, Procedure, and Budget implementation including:
  • Onboarding, Recruiting, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, Security, Liabilities, Hierarchy
  • Corporate bylaws creation and implementation

Bankruptcy Experience

  • Business Failures and Challenges

Lawsuits and Liabilities

  • Experience with nonpaying clients, nonpaying vendors
  • Challenges including lawsuits and liabilities related to operating risks and internal liabilities
  • Embezzlement from employeees
  • IRS, IDOR, and Tax Challenges

Small Biz Consultants, Inc.

While serving as CEO of Small Biz Consultants he has helped attorneys, plumbers, and professional service providers with Coaching and Consulting related to: Operational Streamlining, Crisis Management, Management Consulting, Business Ethics, Business Planning, Business Education, Software Integration, Paper to Digital Transformation, Financial Goals and reports, Team Collaboration, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Web Design.

Final Thoughts

Ted Nunez is a natural born entrepreneur with an in-depth knowledge at the inner workings of small business. From CEOs to rank and file employees - culture, leadership, learning, collaboration, honesty, and efficiency are essential for businesses to function at the best of their ability. He believes that business is an ever-changing landscape with always present challenges and his goal is to help other small business owners with the knowledge he has gained. You can contact him directly at ted@smallbizconsultants.com.

From Ted: Thank you for visiting our website! Good luck in your pursuit of the American Dream and remember the only thing that is constant is change! God bless and Godspeed!

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